Showing Innovations

I gave series of talks on innovation and the future of AI and ML in finance in SF, NY and Boston.

GCP Next 2016

Google showcased our ML platform built on GCP.

Machine Learning in Your Browser

Financial services is an information industry at its heart. Kensho and GCP bring high-end machine learning to financial analytics used at major banks, hedge funds and even CNBC. Includes a real-world financial analysis – powered by cloud straight from the web browser.

Kensho @ Google GCP Next

MIT Emtech

MIT invited me to talk about the business impact of AI on the finance industry.

Implications for AI in Global Finance

How technology advances are changing the economy and providing new opportunities in many industries.

Kensho @ MIT Emtech Digital


We had a follow up panel discussion

Business Impact @ MIT Emtech Digital

Kensho x GS Hackathons

In January 2015 Kensho had the first joint hackathon with Goldman Sachs

Kensho x GS 2015

In February 2017, the team did it again

Kensho x GS 2017